Let us spread knowledge like the lamps dispelling darkness

Rabale Shikshaangan(1) : We are happy to inform that the Second Shikshaangan has been started by our Trust in the month of  June, 2016 in coordination with Stree Mukthi Sanghatana. This Shikshaangan is in Rabbale, Bhim Nagar. Our Trust continues to move ahead within its capacity to help the underprivileged to perform better in their studies. We thank all the well-wishers for their contributions.
There are around 60 children in this Shikshaangan. The students are split into three sections-- one section upto the 3rd standard, second one from 4th to the 7th std. and the third one from 8th to the 10th. There are different instructors for the each section. In this Shikshaangan also along with academics we also conduct a number of other activities. One of the important things that the children need is a feeling that there are people like us who care for them. We can make this possible if we all join them and be a part of their activities at least for some time. They want people like us to tell them that- You can also do and achieve whatever you want if you put your heart and soul into whatever you do. 
We interact with the children on different occasions- celebrate birthday with them, distributes sweets, toys and games, footwear, dresses, etc. We also celebrate Diwali and other festivals with them.

Diwali Celebration at the Shikshaangan at Rabale..2nd November  2018:

On 2nd Nov. we celebrated Diwali today at our Shikshaangan in Rabale. 51 children were given gifts and chocolates and later had snacks. Lamps were also lit to usher in Diwali ( a bit early as the children will be going on vacation).
The Instructor Mr. Rahul Pawar, Mr. Sreenivasan ( our coordinator for the Shikshaangan) and Mr. Anil Manik ( who has started teaching spoken English to the children) were present.

Independence Day Celebration at the Shikshaangan at Rabale..15th August 2018

We celebrated Christmas and New Year with the children on the 20th Dec. 2017. A large number of employees from Dheeraj Realty came for the celebration with huge number of and wonderful gifts for the children. All the children were overwhelmed. After the games there was a short performance by the children. After the traditional cake cutting the children enjoyed the mouth watering cake and snacks. The large number of gifts that the staff had got were later distributed to the children.  

We are really happy that the members of Dheeraj Realty have made it a point to donate every month to our Trust. We are really thankful to them.

We also celebrated New Year at study centres at Digha and Indira Nagar (Thurbhe ), Navi Mumbai. Had a wonderful time with the students, a day before the start of the New Year. The 65 students at the two centres were handed over gifts and snacks which were organized by the staff members of Delta Corporation. Faizan, Darshan and Pritam from Delta Corp participated in the celebration. 

Deepavali Celebration, 2017...Celebrated Deepavali in a special way with the children and gifts were given to all of them.

Children's Day Celebration 2017... Lego sets were donated to the Shikshaangan and these Lego sets were sponsored by Nitin Khanapurkar. The sets are kept at the Shikshaangan and the children have a gala of a time making things from the Lego pieces. Celebrated Children's Day by gifting the children of Shikshaangan Lego sets. Lego helps in developing... Motor skills, Cooperative play, persistence, creative thinking, patience, engineering skills, maths, etc.

Nerul Shikshaangan (run by Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside) children enjoying an evening at the home of R. Radhakrishnan's house (Trustee).

We, the privileged, don't have to think twice before going around shopping to our heart's content. Not so with the underprivileged. Many times they can't even think of fulfilling their basic needs. For the children, especially the underprivileged ones, protection of their feet is most important as they have to trudge long distances. Unlike our children. 

Hence we decided to gift each of the children of the Balwadi at Rabale with a good pair of floaters ( individual size measurements were taken and order placed). We are thankful to Mrs. Vijaya Narashiman and Mrs. Raji Ramani for sponsoring the Gifts.

Diwali 2016: We handed over T-shirts, a packet of Sweets and a set of Crackers to each of the 28 student. The students of Lalitha handed collected lots of clothes to have them distributed to the Adivasis in the interior of Maharashtra through Rahul Sir. From the almost new clothes collected a saree each was handed over to the mothers of Balwadi students. Sponsors: T-Shirts by Anil Katha ( to celebrate his daughter Shruthi's birthday); Crackers by Rajesh Grover; good second hand dresses by the students of Lalitha.

Shamathmika's Birthday Celebration- 31st July 2016

Diwali Celebration-2016The children of our Shikshaangans at Thane and Rabale treated to sumptuous meals in memory late Mrs. Seethalakshmi Viswanathan and Late Mr. Sharma. God Bless the Departed Souls.

Independence Day Celebration..2016...