Our Team     


Seated (L to R).. Brigadier Dharamprakash, Ramaswami Radhakrishnan , Lalitha Radhakrishnan standing (L to R)..Krishnadutt Grover, Raghavan Srinivas, Dr. Rahul Patoria, Abid Nagaria, Ganesh Ramaswamy and Anil Kartha.

The team can't be better!!

Details of the Trustees:

1) Mr. R. Radhakrishnan : Chemical Engineer, Worked in the OIl & Gas Industries, taught for 10 yrs in the Chem Engg. dept of MGMCET. At present the President of the Trust. ( Phone No. 9224284929 )

2) Mrs. Lalitha Radhakrishnan: A post graduate in Physics. Self employed and Secretary of the Trust.

3) Brigadier Dharamprakash: Retired from the Army and at present the Vice President of the Trust.

4) Mr. Raghavan Srinivas: Chartered Accountant, Vice President - Indirect Taxation, RIL. Raghavan is the Treasurer of the Trust.

5) Mr. Krishnadutt Rajesh Grover : A self made businessman and proprietor of of Grover Sons Shipping Services. Rajesh Grover is the Joint Treasurer of the Trust.

6) Dr. Rahul Patoria: Opthalmic Surgeon. At present he is the Joint Secretary of the Trust.

7) Mr. Ganesh Ramaswamy: Retd. Bank Officer, holds a Masters in Fnancial Management. He is at present a Trustee of the Trust.

8) Mr. Abid Nagaria:  Works with UPL and is the Vice President Direct Tax ( Global ). He is at present a Trustee of the Trust.

9) Mr. Anil Kartha : Works with Cipla and is the Head Manufacturing Automation. He is at present a Trustee of the Trust.

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