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The short journey of Shreeram Radhakrishnan on this earth saw extremes. The first eighteen years of unbounded happiness and achievements that would make anyone proud and the last eighteen months of physical and mental torture of Shreeram due the dreadful disease-MDR TB Meningitis, to which he finally succumbed on the 3rd of December 2012.

Shreeram enjoyed everything he undertook. Be it studies, playing the Piano, Carnatic music, taking part in Quiz, Debates, Dramatics or for that matter giving running commentary during the school sports festival. He was a NTSE Scholar, KVPY Fellow, had joined IIT Bombay Dual degree in Microelectronics ( he couldn't attend college due to his sickness), stood state first in CBSE 12th,Gold medallist in Pradnya exams, one of the few who successfully cleared four years in a row Apeejay Talent Examination, winner in a number of Quiz competitions, etc. All this he achieved with ease. Never missing his eight to nine hours of sleep everyday.

It is only but natural for us to do something for what Shreeram stood for. Do something against the spread of the prevalent disease that consumed him. Anyone who came in touch with Shreeram will vouch for the fact that Shreeram was easily the best human being that they have met. Be it his ever helpful nature, his unassuming quality, his sense of humour, or the ever readiness to undertake any task that may be assigned to him even at the last moment, Shreeram was ever smiling his captivating smile. It was when he was in the second standard that he saw the advt. of the Girl child of Mahindra Trust ( Nani Kalhi ) in the newspaper and asked whether we could do something for the child. From that year onwards his parents have been a donor on his behalf. And then when he donated the Rs. 2500/- that he won in a quiz competition to the school's Interact club ( Apeejay School). it showed that Shreeram really cared. All this showed his sense of oneness with one and all alike. Hence, in memory of our dear Shreeram, in memory of what he stood for, in the fight against the dreadful disease that is spreading fast we have set up this Public Charitable Trust called " SHREERAM RADHAKRISHNAN MEMORIAL TRUST "

It will be our endeavour to provide financial help to the needy students to pursue their studies, to start coaching centres for the underprivileged students, to start computer literacy drive in municipal schools, to award prizes to meritorious students, to encourage innovative scientific projects at school level ( Shreeram wanted to be a scientist), start a Science Club and to team up with NGOs and Government bodies in our fight against TB.


Shreeram was the ICON of his school and a Role Model for many others. In his brief journey he left a mark on anyone who came in contact with him. Shreeram was a child any parent would have been proud of, a brother any sister would adore, a friend any boy or girl would have loved to have, a student any school would have loved to have on it's roll, a boy who would make everyone around him happy.

In brief, what Shreeram stood forThe LOGO of Our Trust depicts what Shreeram stood for.

Shreeram's Passions : Playing the Piano ( key board ), Eating food and Reading.

Brief CV of Shreeram :