With some Awardees

2017-2018, EDUCATIONAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE : We have financially supported the education of close to 190 needy students the academic year ( 2017-2018). And our Trust is just Four Years old!!. We have every reason to be proud. Proud also of our Donors. The amount of assistance provided is close to 17 lakh rupees. The list of the students who have been provided financial assistance and their sponsors is available in the excel sheet attached below.

Requests for financial support to pursue studies continue to come in throughout the year. Donations are always welcome. As our website says - Giving is Life. When we donate to a worthy cause you become a part of the process of uplifting the world. However small it may be. Every drop counts.

The link below gives further details of our 4th Financial Assistance Award:



List of students supported during the year 2017-2018 is given below.